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Mother / Mom / Momma

Whatever you call her, it is one of the most challenging, selfless, and rewarding jobs out there. What better way to kick off our blog featuring the woman who truly defines the essence of who we call The Modern Trailblazer. We sat down with Merrie, mother of our Founder who has proudly taken on this role for more than 30 years.

The Good and The Bad

Family is everything. Growing up, my family was so tight-knit - we would eat together, go to church together, and even coordinate outfits. My mom was considered mom by everyone in the neighborhood. So when I became a mother, I made sure I instilled these values in my family. My proudest "mom moment" was seeing my kids graduate from high school and venture out independently as college students into adults, becoming each other's support system. Although they are in their 30s and 40s with families of their own, I still remember helping them walk, putting money under their pillows as the "tooth fairy," and letting them drive my car for the first time. I still reminisce on these great times, especially when I see my grandchildren.

The biggest challenge I faced was when I lost the love of my life nearly twenty years agomy husband passed away of a heart attack. There I was, left with the biggest responsibility of my lifeto be strong for my family, maintaining a healthy household while working a full time job with two teens. My eldest already graduated from college and lived away from home for quite some time. It was tough. It was devastating. You know, the future we talked aboutthe places we'd travel, retirement plans, everything we'd do together was no longer a reality. But he left me with the best giftour three wonderful children, whom love and respect me as their MOM.

Work / Life Balance

I was blessed with jobs that did not require late evenings, weekends, or holiday hours, and I loved my work as a Social Worker. When all is said and done, being a mother is not easy. You're taking on the responsibility for your child's wellbeing and care at all times, and sometimes you just need help. I was fortunate enough to have family and friends that I could depend on to help with childcare. They leaned in when Jerome and I yearned for a much needed date night, when I had to attend multi-day conferences, the list goes on. It truly takes a village to raise a child.

Best Piece of Advice

The best piece of advice I received came from my own mother. And this really goes for mothers of young children. You have to teach your children while they're young to be mannerable and polite. "Say please and thank you"it's so adorable when they say it as toddlers! You also have to teach them how to be independent early on. My mother always said, you don't have to put things away for your children, because they can do it themselves. You just have to enable them. As much as you want to give them everything they want, it's ok to say "No."

Reminder to Moms

Keep calm and carry on. There will be times when you feel overwhelmed and nothing seems to be going right - and that's ok. It happens to us all. Just know, you got this!

To our mothers who are modern trailblazers to their own accord, you inspire us to create the ultimate leather accessories that support your purpose driven lifestyles.