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Passion, Determination, Resilience

I am a single mother of two, part-time student, and business owner who took the risk of leaving my salaried job with benefits to focus on the next chapter of my life. I want to be more than just a detention officer, case officer, substitute teacher—I want to be licensed clinical therapist and motivational speaker. Life is a balancing act and self-care is instrumental to persevere. Being a Life Coach, I needed to practice what I preached, coming to the realization that I truly truly truly needed to stop focusing on everyone else and place more of a focus on myself, because if I prioritize everyone over myself, I’m not going to the be the best person I can be, especially for my children. I was like—Jennifer, you need to start sleeping at night, so that’s what I did—and sleep is so important for your health and well-being. I realized that what was not done during the day will get done another day. I got more organized and frugal with my time. I became more selfish with my time. I took this spring semester off to create more balance, placing focus on myself, my children, and being more strategic on where I place my focus with my own business. Not to worry—I’ve enrolled back into the next semester, so I’m staying on track.

Facing My Biggest Challenges

My biggest challenge has been dealing with my physical, mental, and financial health, and it sounds like an excuse to me, but I know it’s not. My hearing is deteriorating—within 5-10 years, I will become completely deaf. With COVID and everyone wearing masks and living in a society that does not cater to the hard of hearing and deaf community, it’s difficult. This is where I’m at now, and I’ve come to terms with making the best of it, yet I’m confident this is not where I’m going to be forever. Each year, I set goals to be in a better place. I don’t want to be in the same place and remain stagnant. I want to keep growing and learning, because the only way is up. I try not to dwell on the negative, such as my personal health problems. Well, if I’m not feeling well, how can I take the proactive steps to not hinder myself from achieving greatness?

Never Lose Your Identity

I want women to understand, never lose your identity as a woman. Children are a blessing in more ways than one. But as woman, don’t live your life for your children—live your life for you. Live your life for you, so when your children have grown up and they’re doing their own thing, they see their mother as the woman who did X,Y, and Z for herself, but she also did it so I could get what I need done for my life. And don’t loose your identity around any and everything that’s going on. Stop worrying about what's going happen next and fix what’s going on now.




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