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  • Why We Use Full Grain Leather

    When determining what material to use for the development of our bags, it came down to two things, quality and durability
  • Empowering African Artisans

    For the creation of our second product, The Pamoja Tote, we partnered with Afrikstabel.
  • Passion, Determination, Resilience

    The importance of prioritizing yourself to never lose sight of who you are and where you're heading.
  • Driving Impact - Kujuwa Initiative

    We hold the power to collectively drive change.
  • The Journey to Pamoja

    Turning a dream into reality is no easy feat, and I want to share my journey. I started Pamoja with the mission to create a collection of multipurpose accessories fit for you, the modern trailblazer. When I create for you, I put much thought and consideration in developing accessories that will forever remain part of your wardrobe, not trends. 
  • The Nia

    We set out to create the perfect day-to-night accessory fit for any wardrobe—something we deem timeless and seasonless—The Nia.
  • Mother / Mom / Momma

    Kicking off our blog featuring the woman who truly defines the essence of The Modern Trailblazer.